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Why we do what we do

We see a tangible relationship between employment, education and the day to day life within a residential community. As a Christian organisation, we seek to impact the lives of the communities we work in, regardless of their demographic and worldview. We especially have a heart for those who no one else wants to work with, the “least of us”. We recognise there are many broken systems that are impacting communities across the globe. Within our sphere of influence, Cape Town, South Africa, and the Cape Flats, in particular, are severely impacted by broken education, economic, criminal justice and other systems. Our aim is to critically look at these systems, better understand them, while aiming to improve these areas while ourselves being improved too. We dream of an attainable future where new ways of populations co-existing in harmony are lived out.

What we do

Youth between the ages of 13 and 30 embark on learning journeys with us. We use Self-Directed Education, Self-Management and Open (Accounting) Book Management methodologies to create a work culture that is engaging, challenging and purpose-driven. Our leadership team are mature Christ-focused disciple-makers, who are dedicated to lovingly impact the surrounding community they operate in. Many of the skills we focus on are in the digital realm of coding, web-development, but also in the more hands-on skills of electronics, mechanical etc. We also highly value developing being emotionally intelligent, essential in relating to oneself and with others.


The type of learning environments we create typically rate at about R1,500 per month or more. We employ a sliding scale discount opportunity should you seek this option. Please find out about pricing options by filling out the Google form here.


We use cross-subsidisation where through monthly donations we are able to maintain the low-fees we charge for various services we offer in our communities. If you are interested in donating to help us maintain our low costing for the students as well, then please visit our crowdfunding campaign on Patreon here.

Team Profiles

Brad Sitzer

Brad is Grace2Learn’s Learning Environment Designer. He seeks to develop environments that are conducive for deep learning regardless of where these environments are located. He is particularly interested in the broader Cape Flats community, where there are many high impact individuals who collectively could change the lived experience of the safety and economic conditions.

Romano Schabalala

Romano is Grace2Learn’s Web Developer, focusing mainly on Front-End Development and UX. Most recently he completed a course in the basics of React (A Front-End library) and hopes to implement this skill in future projects. Romano has a diverse background in IT with most of his experience being in IT Support. He is always looking to solve a tech problem and to add value. He has been taking care of Social Media Management and will now also embark on a journey of Data Analytics. In this role, he will attempt to give more meaning to the client’s raw data by presenting it in reports and dashboards that a meaningful and easy to read.

Carlo Bam

Carlo thrives on seeing others succeed. His skills in encouraging and motivating others as well as challenging them into new heights of development are core to his current and future efforts. At Grace2Learn, Carlo is our Talent Developer, Digital literacy schools facilitator and soon to be infographic creator.

Morne Lee

An eye for good photograph opportunities, Morne enjoys taking really good photographs, especially of yummy food! Morne also enjoys telling a good story. He is Grace2Learn’s Social Media Strategist. He also has a knack for IT and keeps our PC’s in tip-top shape.

Reinhardt van der Merwe

From graphic design to music and magic, Rei has many talents and skill sets. A current GED student with us, Rei does schools-based digital literacy classes and tutors various subjects too.

Team Members Who Have Gone On To Bigger And Better Things!

Zeetah Sitzer

A creative at heart, Zee has a talent for all things art. From dancing to painting to sports, she thrives in the creative zones of life. She spent 1 year with us before pursuing bigger and better things!

Lionel van der Merwe

Lionel is our logician (is that even a word?). Great in coding, critical thinking and learning new technology very quickly, he thrives when presented a challenge. Lionel completed his GED with us, went on to do a leadership mastery course for 8 weeks and then to a coding academy in Woodstock for the last half of 2018. The sky is the limit for Lionel as he seeks bigger and bolder challenges out in the big bad world. He is up for it though!

Tara Hendricks

A keen painter and overall graphic designer, Tara has a unique eye and passion for art. At Grace2Learn Tara embarks on a journey of using these superpowers to learn about the digital world of UX/UI design and Web Development as well as Social Media Management.

Curtly Solomons

Our very first video game developer on the Unity 3D platform Curtly is our resident DJ too. He enjoys spending hours and hours mixing new beats on his PC.

Get in touch with us

We do most of our work remotely and with our clients at their premises. The best way to get hold of us is via our email address.